Hi All!
My name is Maibam Veneswori Devi, I am an engineer by education and a full-time mother by profession. I always love to live a life of Simple living with Simple Thinking but it’s tough. So I stop thinking about anything and just do what I need to do which is important. It will be too lengthy and boring if I started talking about what I did and how I landed here so let me stop here, we will talk about my journey some other day.


I started this blog to discuss anything and everything about lifestyle. In short, how you live your life will tell everyone what kind of lifestyle you have, so lifestyle is all about how we live our life. I welcome everyone with your opinion and observation on what you have to say about lifestyle.


How I spend my day or life is very simple, I practice every day to do one small thing which makes me and my daughter happy. I know we are human and we cannot satisfy everyone or even ourselves but we are not born to get satisfied or give satisfaction to other however we can be happy by spreading happiness to others.

One thing I have learned in life is that if you are surrounded by negative people or negative thought we are attracted towards negativity and we are unable to grow or progress in life. So just try to avoid negative environmental and try to be in a positive environment with like-minded people who always push you towards the success and help you to grow with the positive thought. I know it is very easy to say and very difficult to do but it’s you who need to decide and take a wise decision of your life.

I assure one thing every day that I do a small thing which is good for me, my daughter and our health, these are changing our life slowly and gradually. We sometimes do some activity at home like five minutes craft, sometimes we dance, someday we just clean the home, someday we cook new food or dishes, and sometimes we just spend the whole day doing YOGA and that’s fun. Just be happy and everyone will be happy with you.

Above all just make sure to be HUMBLE towards yourself and the people around you. I mean to say here is don’t force yourself when you are not able to do something but yes pushing yourself is OK but again do not punish yourself for not completing a task, don’t be rude to anyone including yourself. Don’t get angry with yourself for something which was not in your hand but do everything that you can do and observe carefully. Do the right thing and everything will be all right. When you started doing good and the right thing peace and harmony will follow you automatically. According to the law of nature when the mind is pure it’s full of love, compassion, and joy. So always do the right thing with a pure mind.